To save and restore progress, you need to:
  1. Install the «Google Play Games» app.
  2. Launch the «Google Play Games» app and go to the settings.
  3. Add your Google account at the top of the settings menu or make sure the right account is selected.
  4. Then you need to set up automatic login in supported games. The instructions are at this link: 

   5. Launch «Shadow Fight 4: Arena», go to the settings menu, tap on the «Account» section and make sure that your Google account is connected.

If your account connected successfully, you will see a red «Disconnect» button in the «Account» section.

Please note:
  • There is no way to save or select two or more accounts in Shadow Fight 4: Arena.
  • You can save and restore progress with your «Google Play» account only.
  • There is only one progress in the game and it is saved in the «Google Play» cloud, which is always restored, if the account was linked right.