Referral marathons allow you to get additional rewards for inviting players to Shadow Fight 4: Arena. To get a reward, you should send a special referral link to a player, so we will know that it was you who invited them.

When the invited player completes all the conditions of the referral marathon, rewards will be available to you.

Note: not only you, but also the invited player will get rewards, that's why it is profitable to register by invitation. Tell that to the people you want to invite!

Conditions for the referral marathon award:

    • Share a referral link;
    • New Player Marathon: The player must download and start the game using your referral link and then they need to complete the full game training, gaining 20 rating points;
    • Old Player Marathon: A player who hasn't logged in to the game for over 14 days after logging in through your referral link has to finish at least 1 battle;
    • The conditions of these marathons can change, so read their description by clicking on the "i" sign.

After completing these actions, you and the invited player will be able to claim the reward.