1. The new player must fully complete the tutorial and gain 20 rating points.
  2. A referral link will be available for 60 days, once created.
  3. After you follow the referral link you need to download or launch the game within 2 hours. The link will be available only 2 hours after using it.
  4. You can invite a player only from the server on which you play. The referral link will not work with the player who is on another server.
  5. If the player downloaded the game through your referral link and you have 2 marathons available in the game, points will be credited for both marathons.
  6. If the device is on iOS, the first time the player starts the game, they need to allow data tracking. Without this permission, the referral link will be inactive.
  7. Players eligible for referral marathons: 
    • - new players who have not previously downloaded the game on their device;
    • old players, who have not logged into the game for 14 days or more. After logging into the game using the referral link you need to finish at least 1 battle.
    • players specified in the description of the marathon.