To get Season currency when your hero's or team's ranking resets, you need to play at least 1 fight during the Season with this hero/team.  Season currencies can be obtained for resetting your ranking and for some ranks. To get season currencies for resetting your hero or team's ranking, you have to play at least one battle during a season with that hero or team. The battle that you play must specifically be a rankings battle. When rankings are reset at the end of each Season, players receive the Season currency, and the higher the ranking of the hero/team at the end of the Season, the more currency they'll receive. The amount of Season currency a player receives for a reset hero/team ranking depends on the Ranking Range in which the hero/team is located at the time of the ranking reset. Detailed information about rewards and Ranking Ranges can be found inside the game itself. Season currency can be used to make purchases in the corresponding section of the store. Season currency can only be obtained in Seasons and cannot be bought or earned in other in-game activities. The content of the Season store changes every month.