Saving the progress:
1. You need to have a stable internet connection for the save-system of Shadow Fight 2 to work properly. If the internet connection has been lost then the game progress might be not saved.
2. When you launch the game for the first time, you will be asked to synchronize your Google Play (Game Center) account with the game, in order to save your in-game progress. We advise you to remember the account you logged in to. It will be needed if you will change your device or try to restore the progress.
3. If you did not receive the request for synchronization during the launch of the game then you should complete the tutorial, then go to the Settings (it has an icon of gear in the drop-down menu) and press crossed icon of "Google Play " (Game Center) and synchronize your account. After that, the icon will not be crossed anymore. Now you will be able to save the progress and restore it if you need or transfer it to another device.
4. Remember your UserID (For example, User ID 90013909). You can find it in the Settings.
5. Note that synchronization with Facebook will not allow you to save your progress.

Restoring the progress:
1. Make sure that you did all of the steps to save your progress.
2. If you removed your game from the device and then after a while decided to reinstall it again, the synchronization window should appear at the first launch of the game (you must have an internet connection).
3. After you have chosen your account, the game should restart and the window will pop up. Choose "Restore" if you want to restore your progress. Confirm your decision again. Now you can continue your game from the last saved progress.
4. If you press "Cancel" instead of "Restore" then your progress will be overwritten and you WILL NOT BE ABLE to restore your old progress.

If the restoration window did not appear:
If after certain cases( the battery charge ran out, reinstallation of the game, changing mobile device, etc.) the restoration window did not appear then you should do the following:
1. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection(Wi-fi).
2. Reinstall the game, go to the mobile app settings, and clear the game cache.
3. Complete the tutorial, and go to Settings (it has an icon of gear in the drop-down menu) and press crossed icon of "Google Play " (Game Center), and synchronize your account. Then restart the game.
If it did not help you then, unfortunately, we cannot help you to restore your progress. Your account has only the latest game save, so if it is corrupted or overwritten - then nothing can help.
If you bought something in an in-game shop for real money, we can restore all these purchases back to your account. In order to restore purchases we need:
- UserID (you can view it in in-game settings. Your need to run the game, press the menu button, and go to the settings - it will be written at the bottom of the window);
- Receipt of payment. If you have multiple receipts, please make a screenshot for each (The Receipt must be unfolded). Please attach all screenshots to the answer(It must contain the date and transaction number). We accept screenshots if they are attached directly to your answer and have jpg format.